Our Story

“When it comes to warding off the mystic malevolent forces of the world, there is perhaps no charm more recognized or renowned than the ‘evil eye’ ” -Quinn Hargitai*

At iSight Eyecare, we are inspired by the above statement which led us in searching the meaning of the ‘evil eye’. It is a belief that a curse can be given by a sinister glare which a person is unaware of. As a result, it would bring bad luck, ill health, accidents or natural disasters.  To combat the curse, an ocular amulet was designed, known as a ‘Nazar’, to ward off the evil eye.

The traditional Nazar is in a sapphire or cobalt blue colour, which resembles the Greek seas. The first discovery of the oldest eye amulets was a typical blue glass bead. The tradition of giving an evil eye token has become very popular in many parts of the world.

We hope that our logo will bring safety, good luck and health to you and your family. 

We would also like to give a special thanks to Jessica Tang who assisted in designing the ‘eye evil’ with a modern touch.  Ms. Jessica Tang is a digital designer and illustrator working in Edmonton.

*BBC Global News (19th February 2018)