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iSight Eyecare

We are more than just 1 or 2

In your regular eye exam,
you have always been asked to choose 1 or 2, but has anyone asked you what your eyes need?

Let us see how we can be
of service to your vision needs -
Eyewear and Eyecare.

Located at Unit 104, S&D Professional Building 2603 Hewes Way NW, Edmonton, AB T6L 6W6
For bookings or inquiries call us at: 780.540.3312
We will be closed from May 11 to May 31, 2023. We will be open on June 1, 2023.
Our Vision

At iSight Eyecare,
our pillars of quality service as an eyecare centre in Edmonton consist of:

Modern Equipment and

Medical Optometry 

eyecare and eyewear

Modern Technology

Modern Equipment and

Our modern equipment involves technology ranging from ultra wide field cameras to eye scans and visual field testing.

You can also follow along with the optometrist on a second screen that will display your eye images.
Customer Service

Patient-centered Eyecare and Eyewear

We adapt to what you need help with in your vision needs for all ages- from safety glasses, reading text on various technological devices to focusing on small print on your medication bottle.

We offer a wide range of frames and lenses  that are modern, sleek and affordable to you.

With our on-site lab, we are able to get your new prescription in a timely manner.

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